Le Sigh…

I can not believe that another month has gone by. It has been a crazy, whirlwind month, but I am happy to say that I have, somehow, managed to get some writing done!

I am still in the process of trying to get a new job. I have now met with human resources and turned in all of my documents that are needed as well as getting finger printed. In the middle of trying to gather up all the documents that I needed, I found out that I would be moving–and I only had one week in which to get ready.

Somehow, in a week, we managed to pack up our entire apartment, clean and ready the new place, gather things like a new drivers license, my high school diploma and my birth certificate and I was still able to get some revisions done and some new material written!

Of course, to top everything off, once we were moved in and started to get settled, I attempted to turn on my computer and it was a no go (not to worry though, I have ALL of my writing saved in like three places!). When I realized that the computer was somehow not communicating with the monitor, I made my way to Google. After a couple of searches I came to the conclusion that my video card was probably the culprit. I then went to sites like Geek Squad and other local computer repair places, but quickly discovered that fixing the video card would likely cost me as much as it would to just buy a new tower. (My computer is custom built and only cost about $220 six or so years ago.)

Remembering that a friend of mine had been the one to build it got me to thinking. If he had put it together piece by piece, how difficult would it be to just replace the one piece? It couldn’t be that hard. So, I sent him a text asking what kind of video card I would need. He was miraculously able to pull the receipt up on his account and give me the exact part number and everything.

From there I started to research video cards. I ended up finding one at Tiger Direct for under $40! I picked it up on my way home from work and then You Tubed some videos on how to remove and how to install. It took all of about twenty minutes and I had the new card installed and working! I am so proud of myself!

Now I can finally start the task of typing up the stack of handwritten pages and editing them as I go. I will feel much more accomplished when I can finally say that my first draft is complete! Things are starting to look up every day now, though. Words and scenarios are coming more easily to me and I can see the end in sight. I know exactly what I want to happen and I have found little plot twisters to place in book one that will be used in book two. This is one of the most exciting things. I want to be one of those authors that is able to subtly add in all the little clues that when you finally get to the twist you are like, OMG! All the signs were there! Of course it was so-and-so! 

Now that everything on the home front is starting to settle into a semi-normal routine, I am hoping to get a lot more writing done. Publication will hopefully be in my very near future!