Research and attempting at re-focusing

Earlier in the week I found myself at another stand still in the writing process. It seems that some weeks I just want to forget about the fact that I am attempting to write a novel and just lay around the house and actually read one that is already written. So, this past week I did just that. I read two novels in two days. 

Maybe that’s what I needed though, because I started the third in the series, but inspiration to write finally struck and I’ve gotten three to four chapters written in the past few days.

Today, though, I keep going back to researching. And it seems like every time I research something, I end up off distracted on some other site saying to myself, “How did I even get here?”

At any rate, I have about ninety percent of my novel planned out, it’s just getting it down on paper and then typed up that proves to sometimes be a problem. Because of that I have stopped writing in order. Instead I will skip a few chapters ahead and write what will happen there and then go back when I feel like I can write the missing pieces. I feel like I need a giant story board on my living room wall with each chapter printed out and pinned up in the appropriate spaces.

Of course, that is not an option, so I’ll just have to keep doing what I’m doing. Maybe a trip to Kinkos is in order though. I can print everything that has been written and edited thus far, stick it in another binder and have a physical copy to refer to as I fill in the gaps…