Writing a novel is both less and more challenging than I thought it would be. Most days I am really lucky and the words just flow right out of me. Sometimes I can’t even get them written down fast enough! But then there are days when I just can’t seem to write a single word that I like.


Recently, I decided that I don’t even like my first few chapters tone wise so I am completely re-writing them. Which isn’t a bad thing. I’d rather my work didn’t sound like a four-year-old wrote it, even if it is YA fiction. So, now I have undertaken the task of re-wording all 120+ pages that i have so far–only to probably re-do it again at least twice before it is finished.


I’m also a “writer” in the true sense of the word. I physically write everything down on paper and then transcribe it as I go. It’s just the way I work best, I can’t do the whole type out everything as it comes to you. And I usually re-work everything at least twice before it is actually added to the novel file. :-/ My roommate told me that I should avoid throwing away my original, handwritten manuscript of the book. “What if you make it big?” he says, “People would pay A LOT of money for it. Look at J.K. Rowling.” 


I highly doubt that my work will be even an iota of what Ms. Rowling’s work is, but would it be a good idea to keep my hand written notes and first-drafts? Even if it is just to read over and re-draw ideas and inspiration from? I got to thinking about it and I figure, “What will it hurt?” So, one of my many tasks  for the day is to hit up Walmart/Target and get a binder and some sheet protectors so that i can start saving my “written” work. Who knows, maybe one day some crazy person will really fall in love with my book and they would be interested in seeing the notes, seeing where Mara and Henri were born–which was on the pages of five-hole-punch-paper while working in a hospital. 🙂


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